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The Strangling Hand

(DVD / Soundtrack for a silent movie / Vienna 1920 / 2011)

filmstill from the silent movie

CinemaSessions #1
Die Würghand / The Strangling Hand

Live Soundtrack by Juergen Berlakovich & Ulrich Troyer

THE STRANGLING HAND yields the perfect stage for Carmen Cartellieri, the famous movie prima donna, to star as femme fatale. She plays a beautiful and ruthless woman who finds herself entagled in an intricate family secret, confronted with murders and mysterious deaths. The movie's director Cornelius Hintner exploits the cinematic achievements of the 1920s: By relying not only on special effects but also on the beautiful landscape of the Semmering region, he intensifies the plot's innate drama.

THE STRANGLING HAND can be considered to be a prototype of Austrian B movies. This movie fascinates today's viewers with vivid colours and the actors' outstanding performances.

The soundtrack of THE STRANGLING HAND was both performed live and recorded on October 23rd, 2010 by Juergen Berlakovich and Ulrich Troyer during the Filmarchiv Austria retrospective at the Viennale (Vienna International Film Festival).

Duration: 69 Minuten
Format: DVD (Codefree / PAL)
ISBN-13 978-3-902781-04-8

EUR 9,90 (plus shipping costs)

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