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Concentrate # Valle Caudina
(continuous 3 day process/ 2006)

03.08.2006-05.08.2006 @ Interferenze, San Martino Valle Caudina (I)

continuous 3 day process engineered by Philipp Furtenbach / Kassian & Ulrich Troyer

the farmerslady and her daughter are killing the chicken for the soup. kassian is recording the sounds.

During the 3 days of the interferenze festival the cook Philipp Furtenbach (Vienna) and the two musicians Kassian Troyer (Berlin) and Ulrich Troyer (Vienna) condensated local food and sounds of Valle Caudina culinarically and sonically. They lived for 3 days and nights in a tent - a little outside of the festival area - between a bonfire and their soundlab. On the first day they killed a chicken and organized all the ingredients for the soup from local farmers. They recorded the soundscapes of the site and combined this material acoustically with the sounds emerging from the process of the preparation and condensation of the food. Thus, during the whole 3 days it was possible for the audience to listen and to degustate the condensation of the tastes and the sounds of Valle Caudina. The chicken soup was cooked slowly over 48 hours.

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