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A tent in the Park
(continuous 3 day process/ 2008)

23.05.-25.05.2008 @ Caleidoscope Art Festival, Danube Park, Novi Sad (Serbia)

continuous 3 day process engineered by
Kassian & Ulrich Troyer

the blue tent in the middle of the danube park

a closer view of the tent with light sensor

inside view of the tent with soundsystem

an old serbian lady talking with kassian. she brought us lunch from the market and had a cup of coffe with us. she told us about her daughter in germany and the war.

the tend as meeting place

handdrawn ink sketch of a tent with the concentrate soundsystem inside and temperature sensors collecting data for the concentration machine (click on the sketch!)

A tent in the park. Something is hiding inside, collecting and digesting the sound of its surroundings. Tentacles reach out and grab information from the environment. The sonic memory becomes an audible, raw and archaic soundscape that represents the essence and character of the site: Sound transforms the site, site transforms the sound.

"A tent in the park" is part of the ongoing sound installation project "Concentrate #," which has been realized in various locations in Italy, Austria and Serbia. A computer-based and sensor-driven application collects sounds via microphones and processes them in real-time while these acoustic snapshots further feed the memory section of the machine. Simultaneously, various sensors (registering temperature, movement & light ) grab information from the surrounding environment directly affecting the sonic part of the performance.

A sonic memory unveals a sonic subconsciousness and the essence of the site.

An important part of the project is the social interaction with the local residents. The sound-installation tent becomes a meeting point and place for discussions, with servings of freshly grounded italian coffee.

The Concentrate # project is adaptable to various locations and situations.

If you want to book this performance for a festival, just drop me a line.

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