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Sehen mit Ohren / Seeing with Ears
(sound installation in 5.1 surround / 2005)

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"Sehen mit Ohren / Seeing with Ears" is a composition exploring the acoustic perception of architecture. Six blind people living in Vienna discuss their perception of the city, space & architecture. Additional sound materials are various soundscapes of Viennese architecture recorded using a 5-channel surround-sound technique. Through the techniques of montage, overlay and alienation new acoustic spaces emerge while beginning to warp into dreamlike spaces.

Interviewees: Beatrix Klinger, Kerstin Tischler, Josef Knoll, Michael Krispl, Otto Lechner & Elisabeth Wundsam.

Recording of the 5-channel soundscapes: Martin Leitner

Interviews recorded: Vienna 2001

Composition, cutting, montage & recording the 5-channel soundscapes: Vienna 2005.

Duration: 35:06

Language: german

In remembrance of Elisabeth Wundsam

Sehen mit Ohren is available as 5.1 soundinstallation or as radioplay in 5.1 and stereo. There is also a version for cinema - as a film with no picture.

SEHEN MIT OHREN has been shown at LUNGOMARE (Bolzano, I), TONSPUR (Vienna, A), KUNSTRADIO (Vienna, A), BILDVERLUST(Vienna, A), STOP.SPOT!(Linz, A),Shut up and listen(Vienna, A), Acoustic Fields (Graz, A), OHRENSCHMAUS (Cologne, D), WIDER DIE MUEDIGKEIT, hoerBAR (Freiburg, D).

SEHEN MIT OHREN was supported by

Südtiroler Landesregierung / Amt für Kultur

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