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OPEN (animation movie / Vienna-Berlin 2009)

animation for the online exibition FREIMAUERN courtesy of GO-K-ART.

filmstill 1 - inkdrawing of a road seen out of a abstract windscreen

filmstill 2 - the landscape changes from flat countryside to mountains on both sides

filmstill 3 - the mountains become a wall or a narrow street

"fahren fahren fahren - zweitausendundeins - munich machine - boing boom tschak - aldi oder hofer"

Ulrich and Kassian Troyer's road movie "Open" appears to be beyond time and space and yet seems to embody all time and all places. The minimalistic animation combines many opposites: the individuality of the sensation of driving and the anonymity of a landscape coincide on one hand with unlimited freedom and on the other with barriers. The apparent contradiction, which derives from an ephemeral changeability and at the same time from a continuity, finds its analogy in the sound, which emphasizes the narrative nature of the animation. The road movie itself becomes a binding element since it brings together the various locations of the two brothers by means of its conception and implementation. The conversations, which took place between Berlin and Vienna, evoked references to the world of music and films which sketch out the conception and the ensuing dialogues. (Martina Oberprantacher/go-k-art)

Duration: 90 seconds
Animation: Ulrich Troyer
Sound: Kassian Troyer
courtesy of GO-K-ART

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