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(Music, Sound Design & Co-Development for the iOS APP / Berlin, Helsinki, Vienna 2017)


iPad and iphone with BANDIMAL on and 2 Kids playing with a casio organ and a kitchen drums along to the music

It was a long journey, but worth it.

We are very proud to announce today the launch of our 4th app:
BANDIMAL - a music composer for kids.

The app is a follow-up to YATATOY’s 2015 award-winning music app LOOPIMAL, and fourth in an acclaimed series of creative and high-quality mobile apps.

BANDIMAL is a fun and intuitive music composer. Kids and grown up kids discover the creative world of making music. YATATOY brings the fun of making music closer to little hands. The app is full of fun and beautifully crafted animations and sounds. You can write melodies, choose from a variety of instruments and mix organic beats.

There is no right or wrong. Children will not experience the feeling of failure but instead jump right into the great world of composing music.

BANDIMAL is available for iPhones and iPads on Apple App Store from November 30th 2017.

Everything sounds great - YATATOY designed it that way!


Design, concept and animation by Lucas Zanotto
Sound design & Music and Co-Development of the app by Ulrich Troyer
Programming and Co-Development of the app by Ilari Niitamo


YATATOY only used the white keys to
compose all the music in the app.
Grab your instruments
and toys and play along!


At YATATOYwe focus on making playful tools to inspire your kid's creativity and creation.
The toys we play with, will stay with us forever. It is our major responsibility to offer the best quality-toys possible.

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