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2017 Songs for William 3 (4Bit-P007 2LP/CD/MP3 incl.Comic Novel)

With „Songs For William 3“ Ulrich Troyer presents the final part of his experimental dub trilogy.

The hand-drawn bonus track is entitled „William - The Seven Year Itch“. A comic novel narrating the story of a breakup from the perspective of a stomp box called William and a MS-20 filter clone named Charlotte.

The music of the album is oscillating between euphoria and depression - fascinating with hypnotic lines and solos played by various analogue and modular synthesizers, stomp boxes and effect units, recharged by sprinkles of guitars, melodica, talk box & vocoder. All ingredients are rooted in a massive and warm bass fundament and refined with forward thinking dub excursions. This time the project was not only supervised but also co-produced by Kassian Troyer (Dial). His crucial ears and suggestions and the final Stem- Mastering were significantly responsible for the unique overall sound character of the climax of this experimental dub trilogy.

released 24 March 2017

All analogue & modular synthesizers, effects, stomp boxes, samplers, guitars, percussion, melodica, vocoder & talkbox played, recorded, mixed and dubbed by Ulrich Troyer at 4Bit Studio, Vienna

All music, words, cover design, comic novel written & drawn by Ulrich Troyer

Produced by Ulrich Troyer & Kassian Troyer

Stem-Mastering by Kassian Troyer, Berlin

Vinyl cut by Kassian Troyer at Schnittstelle, Berlin

Vinyl pressing: MPO, France

File Under: Future Dub, Electronic, Ambient

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