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2003 Rose de Shiraz (DLX016 CD / 4Bit Productions MP3)

"Rose de Shiraz" is an album about love, dreams, hay fever, street-markets, shopping, cooking and eating... Vienna based Ulrich Troyer (aka Uli Troyer, previously released on Mego) and friends create experimental electronic pop with soul and humor. Cut-up samples of various sounds and vocals (of persian, turkish, german, italian, french and kurdish friends dropping by), along with guest musicians playing guitars, bass, clarinet, and saxophone, are rearranged to make something completely new, with a big love to small details. The album begins its journey through street markets in Mexico, over to Paris and Vienna, and ending in the middle of a bazar in Cairo. With scenic, romantic melodies and warm tones, the album gradually takes the listener into deeper territory, contrasting delicate, melodic shapes with weird cut-up sounds and distorted funk rhythms. Mixing live instruments, vocal samples, field recordings and beats cut with a cool precision, the album reminds us at times of the electro-acoustic cut-ups of Matmos (a la "The West"), the funky bounce of Mouse On Mars, and the organic instrumentations of Mice Parade or Tortoise, but fusing modern "electronic" music and acoustic music with his own unique blend of latin, bossa nova, european and middle eastern flavors, and intimate baroque figures.

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