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2021 MIXTAPE FOR L (Limbo Tapes, Tape & Digital)

Featured as #5 in the Top 10 Dub / Reggae REWIND 2021 charts in THE WIRE (Columnists’ Charts, Steve Barker, The Wire Issue 455 January 2022, page 41)

"There is a special type of tape found in music collections everywhere, the ones that are personally recorded by hand, with someone or something special in mind. These tapes are cherished from start to finish both by the creator and the recipient, a unique sonic gesture.

We are delighted to have one such specimen to share with you now on Limbo tapes, for the first time.

In the summer of 2011, Ulrich Troyer released the first in a trilogy of experimental dub LPs on Deep Medi Musik. “Songs For William 1” saw the Austrian artist begin true exploration into his influences in roots, and psychedelic dubwise sounds. His signature sound emerged through the performing and dubbing of instruments, analogue synthesizers, percussion and hardware electronics.

Ten years and two more LPs of “Songs For William” later (William, by the way, is the guitar pedal protagonist of the accompanying comic books, also created by Troyer) and it was time for a well deserved celebration of the project in the form of a mixtape, curated by Limbo Tapes founder Titus 12. The mix was lovingly recorded by Ulrich Troyer himself using the original records, along with dub Siren and delay, exclusively for Limbo Tapes.

So press play and enter this thoughtful presentation of playful, cinematic and spaced out dub imaginings. Side A introduces you to the kind of soundscape elements that make up the trilogy, guiding you through upbeat and lifelike signal paths of rhythm and melody, including more reflective and drawn out attitudes.

Flip to side B as the mysterious side of Troyer’s dub behaviour continues, surrounded by the pensive flurry of creature-esque electronics. Two versions of the heavy and meditative “Deadlock” featuring Studio One musician Vin Gordon, demonstrate steady rocking composure too. The pace increases through dizzying moments and chaotic insights into the textural possibilities of cables and stomp boxes. And, like any good mixtape, leaves you feeling reflective, more experienced, and closer to that special someone or something than you had ever expected."

released November 4, 2021

Music by Ulrich Troyer
Sleeve photography by Eva Kelety
Product photography by Misha Ostromecki
Art & Design by Sean Lee
Curated by Pete Hazell aka Titus12

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