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2019 Dolomite Dub (4Bit-P008 180g LP w/ CD & MP3)

In his latest composition, DOLOMITE DUB, the Vienna-based South Tyrolean sound artist Ulrich Troyer presents his perceptions of a several-day high alpine hike across the Dolomites transformed into a soundscape.

The more than 40 minute track DOLOMITE DUB leads the listeners through this landscape of heights transgressing different moods - in which autobiographical memories flash up as well.

Subsequently to the experimental dub trilogy Songs for William and the EP Deadlock Versions, a cooperation with Vin Gordon and Didi Kern, DOLOMITE DUB features besides Didi Kern on drums & percussion, Susanna Gartmayer on contra-alto clarinet and Juergen Berlakovich on bass, both long-time ensemble members of the joint project „The Vegetable Orchestra“.

"The landscape of the Dolomites is reflected in DOLOMITE DUB as a high alpine hike turned into sound. A composition as a hike through a landscape – a beautiful picture." Rainer Elstner, OE1

Composition for contra-alto clarinet, electric bass, bass synthesizer, percussion & sampler
Total duration: 42 minutes 33 seconds

Ulrich Troyer
Composition & Arrangement
Synthesizer, Sampler, Guitar, Field Recordings & Dub Effects
Recording & Mixing

Participating musicians
Juergen Berlakovich: Electric Bass
Susanna Gartmayer: Contra-Alto clarinet
Didi Kern: Drums & Percussion
Mastering & Vinyl-Cut: Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

Supported by: SKE-Fonds; Office for Culture, Bolzano and Federal Chancellery of Austria

Special Thanks: Susanna Niedermayr, Rainer Elstner, Shape & ORF Musikprotokoll

released february 8th 2019

File Under: Ambient Dub

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