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Deadlock Versions
(Released 08/2015 on 4Bit Productions, Vienna)

"Featured in the Columnists’ Charts TOP 10 DUB RELEASES OF 2015"
- The Wire Magazine (UK)

"It’s reggae, but not as we know it."
- Whisperin & Hollerin, IRL

"Magnificent stuff!"
- Steve Barker, On the wire - BBC Radio Lancashire, UK

"Digi-dubs jettisoned from the cargo ports of Atlantis, flotsam for atom surfers vacuuming in the wake of Babylonian escapees, channel-hopping via the studio banks of a Viennese whirl. Four distinctive variations carp out the 12”, each accompanying revisionist claims to snug turn-of-the- century fits for the stables of Stefan Betke and Burnt Friedman: we’re talking strict white-boy precision pulse, anthems for Sunday daydreams fed on a sweepstake of blunt narcotics. Tough call, but my inner George E. Lewis has me hanging on Vin Gordon’s trombone-enhanced mix."
- Spencer Grady, Record Collector Aug 15, UK

"Futuristischer Reggae und Drone Sound untersetzt mit einem leicht hypnotischen Swing macht das Ganze zu einem interessanten akustischen Paket, das sich aus vier verschiedenen Versionen des Stückes Deadlock zusammensetzt. Wie eine angenehmer hypnotischer Strom ziehen die vier Tracks an einem vorbei."
- FAZE, JULI 2015, D

- DJ Marcelle, Another Nice Mess, NL

"A super-solid four pack of remixes from electro-dub tinkerer Ulrich Troyer, whose amiable Songs For William 2 we previously had the pleasure of reviewing. While it was hard to pick a favourite from that eclectic treasure trove, it has proven just as difficult to go wrong in choosing a single, as these four able remixes demonstrate. Anchored into the throbbing ostinato iterations of a massive bass line, "Deadlock" is a lean beast, its cool, graceful movement radiating great self-confidence. Outwardly similar, the remixes link like one, long toy-town parade that got caught in a gust of spliff smoke. Suitably relaxed listeners will discern the subtle distinctions from one track to the next, and many will appreciate the unassuming interlocution of Vin Gordon’s trombone; a delicate trimming that allows room for the liberal play of echo and reverb in time and space."
- Stuart Marshall, thesoundprojector.com, UK

"Four versions of the track are rolled out here, serving maximum Dub pleasure with different layers of sounds and FX on top of the stripped-down, Dub minimalism of the well-hypnotizing riddim, introducing timestretched vocoder sounds, heavily dubbed out trombone, super-dry 4/4-based drums with spaced out FX as well as deep, echo-heavy Melodica abuse to the bass-addicted audience. Nice!"
- nitestylez.de, D

„It's nice to listen to some deep, hypnotic dub from Vienna, Austria, reminding us of those mind-blowing ~scape compilations from way back, and the whole dub techno scene unvoluntarily launched by the likes of Stefan Betke (a.k.a. Pole), Burnt Friedman or Maurizio. This is not reggae, more something deeply blunted for getting your head up there in the clouds. Four reworks of the ambient dub original released in 2013 on the 'Song for William 2' album are available on this 12 inch. Play them all in a row and you'll feel a bit like stopping time in your mindframe. The A-side with the 'Talbox Version' or the one with Vin Gordon's trombone licks would be our pick but it's a hard one since the remixes on the b-side ain't no filler either!“
- ParisDJ’s, Paris (F)

„The Vienna based artist comes correct with these four psychedelic versions featuring the amazing talents of the classic dub Trombone player Vin Gordon and the innovative drumming styles of Vienna’s Didi Kern. The variety of these versions exemplifies the taste and talent of Ulrich Troyer, who has confidently managed to create four tracks that could equally stand on their own. The uptempo “Talkbox Version” leads off proceedings with it’s metronome kick drum serving as  the backbone for all manner of other-worldy dub excursions, as the maxim “Little by little, step by step” is chanted like a Dub mantra by a pair of robots!  Straight after this the “Vin Gordon” version chugs and plods in a fashion reminiscent of Basic Channel, taking its time and making adroit use of the space provided by the half-time clomp of the Kick. The “Kassian Troyer Remix” is the most introspective and personal cut on the record, as the melodic  Dub blip motif is used to stunning effect, with the only constant being a muted kick and steadfast high hat providing support to the vicissitudes of the melody. Finally things get even freakier and hallucinatory on the “Melodica Version” as the elements are stripped back as far as possible giving ample room for the swirling, distorted Tape-Delays and clattering of spring reverb. A must for those who like their Dub in a more abstracted and unique form.“
- RWDFWD, Bristol (UK)

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